We produce active plant ingredients in a
sustainable way

Reducing economic and environmental
costs with in vitro molecular biology

Capable of

Increasing x20 the amount of active
ingredients generated per square meter and
euro invested

Capable of

Enhancing the quality of raw material by
producing it under sterile conditions and
free of unwanted foreign matter

Capable of

Bringing sustainability back to the
pharmaceutical industry by reducing

x50 the use of H2O
x10 the amount of energy
x5 atmospheric CO2 emissions

Production of substances through
Innovative High-Tech



Selecting plant genetics with high CO2
absorption and percentage of active

Propagating them through in vitro glandular
organogenesis, i.e., by growing only
substance-producing glands under sterile

Automating the process with sensorized
bioreactors which control and adapt the
growth conditions based on the needs of
the product

We grow in environmentally friendly phytotrons

Taking advantage of natural energy
resources (light, temperature, humidity).
Maximizing the use of the square meter by
being stackable with a beehive-like
Using IoT and AI to prevent product contamination

Kanara is a clear example of where the industry should be heading, both in terms of narrative and product. A wave of innovation driven by startups with talented teams, striving to come up with innovative solutions that are less harmful to humans and more sustainable for the planet.

- Ángel Gutiérrez - CEO of Catalyst

our team

Leopoldo Machado

CEO & Co-Founder

Eduardo W. Jørgensen

Scientific Affairs & Co-Founder

Jorge Gutierrez

CTO & Co-Founder

Ana Arencibia

Head of Business Development

Raul Clemente

COO & Co-Founder


renowned advisors
in the Pharma, Legal, Commercial and
Agrotech industries.

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